Frequently Asked Questions


  • Receive personalized service and access to corporate management 27/7!
  • 100% staffing of PT/ OT/ ST services.
  • MDS nurse consultant available to ensure ZERO denials!
  • Partnerships with Medline for access to “state of the art” equipment to furnish Rehab Gym.
  • Partnership with Rehab Support Systems to collaborate with therapists for assessment and fitting of customized wheelchairs and positioning devices.
  • On site Director of Rehab Services (DOR) to participate in daily and monthly management meetings in collaboration with in house staff.
  • Corporate assistance for marketing and admissions as needed.
  • Assistance with renovation of Rehab Gym as needed.
  • Donation of flat screen television used for therapeutic activities.
  • Options for competitive contracted rates to meet the needs of the facility including daily rate or “per minute” rate.

  1. Visit verification
  2. Staff hiring
  3. Internal documentation audits
  4. Ongoing, systematic compliance education

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